About Us 💃

In the Punjabi community, when someone visits you the most commonly heard exclamation is Jee Aaya Nu  which means Welcoming with heart – “Heart to those who Visit” . 

It’s the emotion behind welcoming someone in with love and warmth.

Exactly what the brand Jee Aaya Nu believes in.

Welcoming womanhood, in every age, shape and size into our world of our garments/ clothes.

Jee Aaya Nu, makes every woman feel loved and welcomed just like how these women fill every corner with their affection.


Words change, emotions don't.
The emotion behind welcoming someone, remains the same across every Indian household whether it’s Punjabi, Marathi , Malayalam , Rajasthani , Tamil , Bengali or Gujarati.



We at Jee Aaya Nu wish to capture the essence of welcoming womanhood in the most comfortable form, with high quality fabrics, clothings that fits every size, and prints that please every eye.

We haven’t just designed clothes, we have designed a lifestyle for the stylish, globally informed, Indian women.

At Jee Aaya Nu, we don't just stitch clothes, we stitch confidence in every thread.

Our Goals